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Pneumatic Controller, Size: 3psi to 15psi; Class: Unspecified; Connection: ; Mat: PFA; Make: Foxboro Eckhardt 43AP P/N: 43AP-FA42C/PB-AA @ $0k , Calcium Nitrate, Size: Unspecified; Class: Unspecified; Connection: Unspecified; Mat: Calcium Nitrate; Make: GGI International P/N: EC6585A @ $0k , Swell Packer, Size: 5 1/2" x 7 3/4"; Class: Unspecified; Connection: Unspecified; Mat: L80; Make: Unbranded P/N: Unknown @ $0k , Oil Absorbent Sheet, Size: 17" x 19"; Class: Unspecified; Connection: Unspecified; Mat: Unspecified; Make: SOR P/N: Unknown @ $0.2k ,